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Red Dice Rules

  • The red dice rules are a variant, optional rule

  • Players decide at the start of the game whether they will play with the Peruke red dice rules or not.

  • The rules are essentially the same as the normal Peruke rules, but allows a player the option to add the value of the red die to one of the other dice values, to form a combined value.

  • For example, if a player rolls a 3 & 2 on the white dice & a 3 on the red die they can either:

Use the 3 values as what they are (3,2,3) or

- Add the red die value to either (but not both) of the white dice (eg red 3 + 2 white to make a 5 or red 3 + 3 white to make a 6). This combined value can then be used on a 5 or 6 disc.

  • The red dice rules apply throughout the game including the starting roll.

The addition of the red dice to another is optional, it does not have to be used. For example if a player can't go with the 3 die values rolled but could with the addition of the red dice, it is their choice whether to play.


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