The quick fire dice game of strategy, tactics & luck.

Collect points by taking other players discs or by protecting your own. Easy to play and very addictive.

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“A big amount of fun in a little tin.”

Board Game Review UK

"Love this little table top game. Fab, fast, strategic and perfect for travel!"


"Peruke is a simple game. You can learn, set up and play in minutes. But you will want to play game after game!"  

What Board game.com

 "Peruke is a lush little indie game and an instant winner with me.
So simple to understand and the tactile loveliness of the wooden tiles is *chef's kiss*.

The fact it packs down into this little tin means it will be perfect for hiking expeditions planned for next year."


"A lovely little pocket game in a tin

by Peruke Games.Designed by James Gillham and Mark Littlewood, this simple but tactical game is an ideal travel or family game."



"This truly is, for me, a must have game.

Beautiful, light, it’s simplicity lends to plenty of replayability, easy to transport.

There is literally nothing not to like."


"Peruke is a great game for the family games shelf and perfect to travel with for any weekend away."


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