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Peruke One Rules

Aim of the game - either aim to get Peruke One 

or add together your scores from 5 games for a personal best 


How to Play:

  • Lay the Peruke Discs out horizontally in front you from 1 to 6, with the plain side facing up (target side facing down).

The plain side showing on a disc means it is safe, the target side means it is vulnerable to capture.

  • Each game consists of 6 rounds (or 6 rolls of the dice).

  • On the 1st round you roll all 6 dice. On each subsequent round (roll) you must remove a dice. So you start with 6 dice and remove one each round until you have used them all. (Round one you use 6 dice, round two 5 dice, round three 4 dice, etc. On round six you will be left with only 1 dice to roll.)

  • After rolling the dice on each round you can choose to use the values from any 2 of the dice to either:


1. Turn a Peruke Disc from safe to vulnerable


2. Take a Peruke Disc if it is already vulnerable


3. Use 2 dice of the same value to turn a Peruke Disc from safe to vulnerable and then take it 

(eg if you roll two 3’s and the 3 is safe you can use both of the 3’s to take it.)


  • On each round you can only use the values from any 2 of the dice. If you roll numbers that you cannot use you forfeit these.                                                                                                       

* A player can continue playing if they can only use the value of one of the dice.

(If you cannot use any of the values of the dice the game ends & you add up your score. eg If you roll a 3 & 4 but have no 3 or 4 discs left.)

  • At the end of the rounds (when you have used all 6 rolls or can no longer go) you add up the Peruke Discs that you have collected and take away from this score any Peruke Discs that remain safe. Any Peruke Discs left that are vulnerable are neither, added or taken away from your score (e.g. if you have collected the 6, 4 and 2 and left the 3 safe & the 5 and 1 vulnerable, add 6,4,2 (12) and minus the 3 (9). So 9 would be your score.)

  • ‘Peruke One’ is when you remove all of the Peruke Discs apart from the number 1, which should be left in the ‘vulnerable’ position (marked side up). This will get you the maximum score of 20.


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